CryptoCumbers NFT

We are a big community of supernatural cucumbers living up there in utopia where human enterance is absolutely forbidden.

We are little dreamers, explorers and experts with our exclusive styles.

Surprisingly, In our last confidential meeting which was held in Jezero crater in Mars, we decided to give delegation of authority of our super talented cucumbers to some lucky terrestrial aliens!

So, Try your chance to try some our tasty cucumbers and have a lot of fun!

We will deliver our 9,998 unique generated elite cryptocumbers directly by Ethereum path ! So this would be more affordable for both of us 

  •  With buying CryptoCumbers you can take spot on our private club which include some surprising features
  • Owners of top 5 exceptional limited CryptoCumbers will get authorities in the community to participate in leader board decisions and vote for the next upcoming crypto projects
  • Each characters will have exclusive roles in the game
  • Official Squaryfi token will airdrop to CryptoCumbers owners
  • Next valuable and massive NFT collection will airdrop to some lucky CryptoCumbers owners
  • Big part of our Roadmap

SquaryFi Team